At Saturday October 20th there are 4 inspiration tours with themes. You can choose the inspiration tour you want to join. If you do not make a choice, we will assign a tour to you. All tours will start at Rotterdams famous Markethall.
Rotterdam Harbour
On the way from the Markethal to the Spido, the group passes the Harbor Museum and the Maritime Museum, where the first beautiful harbor stories already begin.
At 14.45 the guests will board the Spido for a 75-minute harbour tour. Meanwhile, the guides tell us about our greatest pride, the port; from a half-destroyed port to the largest in the world in only 17 years.
The guides also will tell you a lot about this other pride, the skyline and all the beautiful historic harbours we pass by. The Spido also sails past The (infamous) Cape, a world-famous red-light district with a lot of creamy sailor stories.

That Rotterdam has a special history can be seen from the start. Together with two guides, a maximum of 50 guests can go back in time. In the middle of the Markthall is an exhibition about the artifacts that were found there during the construction. The artifacts go back as much as 1270, the first settlement in Rotterdam. While we start in the architectural Markethall, we look out over the only medieval building in Rotterdam; the Laurenskerk. The Markethall is located at the origin of Rotterdam and that is still clearly visible. The archeological found during the construction are hidden in the Marktethall. The historical tour goes back to as much as 1270! Via the Laurenskerk from 1449 the group goes further ahead in time to 1660, where the guests in the Schielandshuis see a movie of Rotterdam through the ages. On the basis of the two pictures before and after the bombing, the guides tell about that one black day in Rotterdam's history. Four days after the bombing, the reconstruction plans began, which the guides can also tell about, because Rotterdam was also a 'modern city of architecture' for WW2. 

The architectural tour starts in one of the largest architectural icons in the world: The Markethall. With 9 million visitors, it is also a world-class attraction. The two guides take a maximum of 50 guests on a lively tour along the architectural highlights of Rotterdam, such as the Kubuswoningen, the Rotterdam and the Timmershuis of our own Rem Koolhaas, the Rotterdam library, the Maastoren, the Belvédère and much more! During the tour, guests also pay a visit to the Schielandshuis, which dates back to 1660, This Schielandshuis contains an impressive scale model with all the current Rotterdam buildings, but also the many planned skyscrapers. Next to the Schielandshuis is a real Dudok from 1937, so guests also get to see our special pre-war architecture. The guides explain immediately why many Rotterdammers thinks that Dudok is actually a cake baker.

The alternative food side of Rotterdam

The two hippest guides of Rotterdam Discovery Tours will give guests a better insight into how hip Rotterdam is in the field of food! Sustainability plays a major role among the Rotterdammers who have been massively built on the field on top of some roofs of skyscrapers. The guides start their tour in the - at foodies immensely popular - Markethall, where something tasty is regularly offered. After the Market Hall, the guests go with their guides to the Dakakkers *, where they get a better picture of the high arable farming. After Rotterdam Noord, guests will go to the Fenix Food factory, the Markthal van Zuid. If there is still time to go past Blue City during this tour, guests will certainly take this opportunity. The guests move with the primal Rotterdam RET, to experience the real city feeling. 

* It depends on the season whether the Dakakkers are interesting or not