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Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Fritz-Gerald Schröder 

Professor for Horticulture Sciences at the University of Applied Science Dresden, Germany


How to feed the world in the Future?

Newest trends and an outlook for food production, food quality and living in smart cities.  


How to feed the world in the future? The world is facing many problems for the next years. We have an increasing world population and on the other hand we are wasting farm land every day. Many people like to live in cities. Right now 60% of the world population is living in cities. The cities itself becomes Mega-Cities with more 10 million people. Food production becomes a very intensive process. Food is shipped around the world. Production costs of agriculture competing with transport costs, which are quite low.  Crops are growing in greenhouses and protected areas. New production systems like hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics, vertical farming, indoor farming or urban farming are more and more popular especially for the smart phone generation. The provided food itself change from bio or organic the pure and clean food. The main concern is the quality of food. What will be the crops, which can feed the world in the future. Many tests with micro algae in bioreactors are going on and can be a solution. Food produced in a lab?  But what’s about our ecological food print? Living in cities far away from the food production is not the best way. The presentation will show the newest trends and an outlook for food production, food quality and living in smart cities.  

Richard Kuijpers
Owner Smartrobot Solutions


Robotics use cases for now and in the future commercialize robots for corporate markets, retail, hospitality and rental solutions for events.

They accordingly use a broad and pioneering approach, and want to act upon your customer requirements with good, well-considered total robotsolutions that substantially contribute to the operating result. In our presentation the following topics will be discussed; why robotics, pilots and what did we learned, how can we use robotics today, what can we expect in the future.


During the presentation Richard havs  several robots on stage who will help him (or not…).

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Theodor Falser

Chef de cuisine Engel Gourmet & Spa/ Johannesstube

Michelin star Chef- Founder &Co-Owner of Stars Italian Gourmet Burger

Patron of Ristorante La Scala at the Sukhothai Hotel, Shanghai P.R.C, 
Patron of 3 Italian Restaurants on Tui-cruises, Mein Schiff - Food consultant for Hotels and Restaurants 

Taste Nature

The Taste of coming home

Inspired by nature
An authentic catering concept oriented towards nature, drawing inspiration from and working with it. Theodor Falser from Cornedo in South Tyrol has been working at the hotel “Engel Gourmet & Spa” in Nova Levante/South Tyrol/ Italy since April 2014. 
His credo: “Taste Nature”.
He realised his idea in the hotel’s own gourmet restaurant “Johannesstube”, attracting much attention to it. 
Theodor Falser’s cuisine merges local products of high quality into delightful culinary creations. The top chef’s menu includes herbs from the hotel’s kitchen garden, meat from the surrounding farms and almost forgotten vegetables.
The Michelin star, awarded in 2014, further emphasizes the success of this concept.

A symbiosis of home and the world
On his travels, Theodor Falser learned about various cultures and cuisines without ever forgetting about his home, South Tyrol. As a chef, he gathered experience in renowned restaurants throughout the world, working among others in Ecuador, China, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. His creations reflect the insights he gained during his stays abroad, combining the taste of the world with the down-to-earth and natural cuisine of his home country.
With his concept “Taste Nature”, Theodor Falser takes his guests on an adventure through nature, creating a unique overall experience.
Taste is however not the only focus – his cuisine is rather an experience for all senses, conveyed for example by the perfect presentation of his dishes on plates made of wood, stone or other natural materials. Sophisticated combinations send the guests on a fascinating and flavorful journey through the wide variety of the Dolomites.

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Niek van den Adel​


Some people need a brush with dead to start living

How amazing would it be, if we could start our daily lives with a smile on our face.
Every day is filled with laughter and joy, we are overwhelmed with compliments and friendly service. Every day is a gift because you choose for it to be so. Every day is a success because we realize that that extra smile, the extra step makes our (work) life worthwhile.
A dream? I don’t think so. I believe we, as human beings, as service providers have the ability to influence others with our behavior. I believe that there is only one person responsible for that. That’s you!
That’s my mission. I’d love to work with organizations, with people in the industry that want to go back to their roots. Going back where it all began. Invest in communication, teambuilding, being humble and being hospitable. 
In 2010 I suffered a severe motorcycle accident which paralyzed my body from my chest down.  Suddenly everything changed. I was however, able to find happiness again. I fell in love with my occupational therapist, which resulted in three beautiful daughters. It was then that I realized I could make a decision for happiness - even when every day starts with neuropathic pains. Even when you have to swallow 37 pills per day, to even sustain the sunlight. Even when you have to deal with being incontinent, spasms and loss of my sexuality. You can turn away or deal with it. I chose the last one. In my work as a public speaker worldwide I tell stories about my service dog Joep, what hospitality truly means, what healthcare is truly about. I tell about my bloopers, paying attention to detail. Always with a smile and a tear.

That’s my path. No idea where it will end, but I love the journey.
Are you coming with me?

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