Niek van den Adel
CRASH! Some people need a brush with dead to start living
Ing. Richard Kuijpers
Robotics use cases
for now and in the future commercialize robots for corporate markets, retail, hospitality and rental solutions for events. They accordingly use a broad and pioneering approach, and want to act upon your customer requirements with good, well-considered total robotsolutions that substantially contribute to the operating result. In our presentation the following topics will be discussed; why robotics, pilots and what did we learned, how can we use robotics
Prof.Dr.Prof.hc FritzGerald Schröder
How to feed the world in the Future?
Theodor Falser
Chef de cuisine Engel Gourmet & Spa/ Johannesstube/Michelin star Chef
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Frits Hoff
3D Food Printing
Dominique Dufour
Social media to boost your revenues
Quentin Legrand
Transmit a message without being boring!
Clara Ming Pi, MSC. RD. & Kaori Pi
Reinventing the sustainable kitchen
of the future
Roberto Assi
How the new BIM Standard IFSE D.D. 7.1 is adopted in the Foodservice Industry
Stijn Creemers, fcsi
The future of hospitality
Sascha Aaron Mertens
Millennials and Generation Z
Daniel Vollmer
Flowtify - Digital HACCP, Operations & Maintenance Management
Matthias K. Lahr
Paving Ways To Modern Fully-Connected Kitchens-Key Planning Considerations
Massimo Giubilesi - Claudio Campion
IT friendly use technology for Foodservice Quality Governance
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